Celebrity News: Matt Damon Climbs Up Forbes Hollywood Flowing With Milk And Honey List

Friday, 26 August 2016

Matt Damon Climbs Up Forbes Hollywood Flowing With Milk And Honey List

Matt Damon has address oneself to the hot box highest-paid entertainer in Hollywood, according to Forbes' annual rich list.

The actor gone the better 10 last year yet has seen his earnings grow to $55 m (£41.6 m) afterwards starring in Jason Bourne and The Martian.

He was defeated by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who became the world's highest paid actor consequently appearances in San Andreas and Central Intelligence.

He earned $64.5 m (£48.8 m) during June 2015 and June 2016.

Forbes issued its copy of the highest-paid actresses before this week.

The figures amount to be asked into budget advances actors have earlier received for planned movies.
For example, Johnson has once signed up for roles in the Baywatch movie evolution and the eighth installment of the Fast And The Furious franchise.

Last year's highest-paid entertainer, Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr, rejected to ninth apartment in the list by all of $33 m (£25 m) in earnings.

His solo film to be declared publicly within the 12-month career was Captain America: Civil War, during he is furthermore currently filming Spider-man: Homecoming.

Hollywood's highest-paid actors

1. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - $64.5 m (£48.8 m)

2. Jackie Chan - $61 m (£46.2 m)

3. Matt Damon - $55 m (£41.6 m)

4. Tom Cruise - $53 m (£40.1 m)

5. Johnny Depp - $48 m (£36.4 m)

6. Ben Affleck - $43 m (£32.6 m)

7. Vin Diesel - $35 m (£26.5 m)

8. Shah Rukh Khan - $33 m (£25 m)

9. Robert Downey Jr - $33 m (£25 m)

10. Akshay Kumar - $31.5 m (£23.9 m)
Source: Forbes

Jackie Chan sustain to instant place in the report, having earned $61 m (£46.2 m) across the year.

Tom Cruise situated fourth by all of $53 m (£40.1 m), at the same time Johnny Depp was ranked fifth by all of $48 m (£36.4 m).

The five highest-paid actors each earned greater than the world's highest-paid actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who confirmed $46 m (£34.9 m) during the same period.

Four Bollywood actors constrained the better 20, by all of Shah Rukh Khan front placed at location eight afterwards earning $33 m (£25 m).
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